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Antitrust Law in Panama

The Feasibility Consultation is a valuable mechanism that allows economic agents to obtain from Acodeco a pronouncement on whether or not a practice or contract, which is intended to be carried out, would violate the Antitrust Law for being considered a Monopolistic Practice.

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Extinction of ownership law: Assembly takes first step

At a time when the tentacles of narco-politics are generating noise in the powers of the State and the profiles of organized crime groups are diversifying, the first step was finally taken for the discussion of bill 625, which establishes the figure of the extinction of ownership.
Ten months after the Minister of Security, Juan Pino, brought the bill to the National Assembly, the Government Commission dusted off the document and created a subcommittee to analyze it. However, the person appointed to chair this subcommittee, Deputy Roberto Abrego, was not present yesterday at the session.

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The CNA presents a bill to repeal Law 256 which imposes the use of the electronic invoice to professionals

The National Bar Association (CNA) presented a legislative initiative, in the office of citizen participation, which seeks to repeal the inclusion of professional sectors in Law 256, which dictates the mandatory issuance of electronic invoices.
The citizens’ initiative seeks to eliminate from the law, which came into force in January 2022, that which refers to the liberal professional sectors: artisans, artists and those who practice a trade, being obliged to issue electronic invoices.

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License suspension and retention of car for drivers without vehicle insurance proposed

A bill proposing severe sanctions for drivers without vehicle insurance was presented before the National Assembly of Deputies.
The initiative proposes from the suspension of the license to the retention of the vehicle for those drivers involved in traffic accidents and who do not have a valid insurance policy, was presented by the deputy of the Partido Revolucionario Democrático (PRD), Leandro Ávila.

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Legislative resumes the discussion of the law of extinguishment of ownership of property

The National Assembly informed that it resumes this Wednesday, February 2, the discussion of bill 675 which adopts the legislation for the extinction of ownership of illicit goods.
The bill rests in the first organ of the State, since its presentation in the Plenary, at the end of April 2021, by the Minister of Public Security, Juan Pino.
The initiative seeks to establish a legal framework that allows the State to recover illicitly acquired assets, strengthening the mechanisms for the administration of justice. In addition, to prevent money laundering, tax evasion, organized crime and crime.

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The Exchange records record trading volume

The Latin American Stock Exchange (Latinex) closed 2021 with record trading volume and number of transactions.
The market traded $9,461 million, a figure that represents an increase of $1,335 million over 2020, and leaves behind the previous historical record of $8,527.4 million, achieved in 2019.

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