The constant changes caused by breakthrough technologies allow us to rethink the way we do our work. In the legal sector, the evolution and development of technology has facilitated quick and instant access to information, as well as simplified and accelerated many of the methods used to carry out legal research.

Below, we analyze some of the LegalTech tools available through public portals, which can be used free of charge:

  1. Research on Panamanian legislation.

The Official Gazette website is the primary source of information about Panamanian laws, because of the speed in which the daily Gazettes are published and since it allows users to access the archive of Gazettes published since 1903.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Administration oversees the operation of a platform called InfoJurídica, which combines Panamanian norms and their effects; its database consists of systematized legal information about Panamanian legislation, and it contains detailed references to laws, regulations, resolutions, and other general rules.

Similarly, the National Assembly has implemented its own search engine on Panamanian regulations, highlighting the proposals for preliminary bills and new laws.

  1. Research on Panamanian court decisions.

The Judicial Branch has published countless Panamanian judgments on its official website, both in PDF format and in digitized texts, which allows the text to be easily copied and located by using keywords. This website is one of the most reliable sources of Panamanian jurisprudence, if not the most reliable, given that its search engine is extremely accurate.

  1. Research on Panamanian legal proceedings.

The official website of the Judicial Branch allows users to investigate the current legal proceedings filed in the Republic of Panama, as well as its digital files. To access these files, the user must submit a request for an access key before the court. Once the access key is provided, it should be entered in the corresponding field.

  1. Research on Panamanian public records.

The Telematics Services Portal administered by the Public Registry is one of the most advanced technological innovations that the legal sector in Panama has to offer. The Public Registry has not only digitized numerous public deeds but has also abridged the process used to identify Panamanian companies (corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and so forth), personal property, real estate, trusts, inter alia.

  1. Registration and/or issuance of Panamanian documents.

The General Directorate of Revenues of the Ministry of Economy and Finance operates the e-Tax 2 platform, also called DGI online, which provides the necessary tools to perform online inquiries about Taxpayer Identification Numbers, Tax Clearance Certificates, Tax Residency Certificates, and so on.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce manages the PanamaEmprende program, which allows users to search for Operations Notices.

  1. Research on Panamanian data.

The General Directorate of Public Procurement oversees the PanamaCompra website, which is used by state institutions to conduct the tendering process in public bids, hence it allows users to search for information on public bids.

The General Directorate of the Industrial Property Registry administers a system specifically designed for online inquiries about trademarks, patents, and plant varieties.

These tools are available free of charge and are provided directly by the government. Currently, there are many start-ups that seek to promote the LegalTech in Panama. At Alcogal, we are committed to remain at the forefront of technology by being aware of the innovations that allow us to provide our services in the most precise and efficient way.

Carolina Marciano Legal assistant in Alcogal

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