Panama’s recent exclusion from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) gray lists marks a decisive milestone in  Panama’s economic and financial development. This achievement, far from just an administrative change, opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities. Next, we will explore the significant advantages of this event, each illustrated with concrete examples.

Improved International Reputation

Previously, being on the gray list could have been compared to wearing a “heavy vest” in a race; it slowed the pace and made it difficult to compete. Now, having lifted this “vest”, Panama can run on par with nations that enjoy a solid reputation. For example, countries like Portugal and Uruguay experienced increased foreign direct investment after improving their international image. Panama can expect similar effects, with a boom in sectors such as tourism and technology.

Increase in Investment Opportunities

Consider the case of a country like Vietnam, which, after improving its image and financial policies, attracted significant investments in technology and manufacturing. Similarly, Panama is now positioned to be a new attraction center for investors in emerging areas such as renewable energy and biotechnology, offering a safer and more transparent environment.

Strengthening of the Financial Sector

After strengthening its financial policies, the transformation of the banking system in countries like Estonia is a good example of what we can achieve. This not only increases confidence in local financial institutions but can also encourage the arrival of new banks and fintech players in Panama, diversifying and enriching our financial offerings.

Impact on International Commerce

The experience of countries like Ghana, which, after being removed from similar lists, managed to sign advantageous trade agreements, indicates our potential. Panama could now strengthen its trade relations with economic blocs such as the European Union or ASEAN, opening up new markets for local products, ranging from food to software.

Long term Benefits

Looking at countries like South Korea, we see how commitment to international financial standards has been part of their formula for long-term economic success and stability. Panama now could follow a similar path, ensuring sustainable growth and a diversified and resilient economy.

The departure from the FATF gray lists is not only a diplomatic achievement for Panama but an important step forward for a future of prosperity and growth. Panama is positioning itself as a prominent player in the global economy by enhancing its international reputation, attracting investment, strengthening its financial sector, improving international trade, and laying the foundations for sustainable development.

At Alcogal, we are ready to help you navigate and take advantage of these new opportunities. With our team of experts, you can discover how this change can benefit your business and how you can contribute to Panama’s growth.

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Jaime Alemán

Dr. Jaime Alemán

Partner in Alcogal

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